Maximise the results of your digital fundraising efforts with OnlineFundraising. Our platform seamlessly integrates with various fundraising tools, including CRM systems and telemarketing dialers, to enhance collaboration and optimise your campaign's success.

Use OnlineFundraising with your CRM system

While OnlineFundraising specialises in digital payments and stores information relevant to this function. 

To get a full picture of your donor and member data, we recommend using a CRM system in conjunction with our platform. Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Donorfy, Collect, and Ivaldi are all great options that integrate seamlessly with OnlineFundraising.

By combining the information we collect with your CRM data, you can gain a custom and comprehensive solution for your organisation.

CRM with standard integrations

OnlineFundraising offers these ready-to-use CRM solutions.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Integrating OnlineFundraising with Microsoft CRM can be done but it requires building the integration yourself.
However, for assistance, you can use various integrators that are already working with OnlineFundraising such as:


You will get a solution that goes hand in hand with:

Your web agency

OnlineFundraising makes it easy for your web agency to integrate payments into the designs, allowing them to create a seamless pre- and post-payment experience for your donors.

All elements of OnlineFundraising are fully customisable to match the visual style of your website.


Your telemarketing

Our system is designed to be easily accessible telemarketing partners, whether you handle it in-house or through an agency.

Phoners can:

  • Create payment agreements 
  • Winback on inactive payment agreements 
  • Upgrade the amount or frequency of agreements 

OnlineFundraising is also directly linked to a number of dialers, including: 

Used by more than 10 agencies, among others:

If you are interested in integrating our platform into your system, please feel free to contact us. We’ll be happy to provide you with a sandbox for development and help you through the process. 

Hvor digitalt modne er I?

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