SMS messages are an excellent way to generate leads and can be used for single donations or payment agreements. OnlineFundraising's SMS message service makes accepting donations via SMS message easy and affordable. We don't charge transaction fees, it is easy to get started, and all data integrates directly into your CRM.

Why choose SMS messages?

Experience the numerous advantages of incorporating SMS messages into your fundraising strategy.
Low technical barrier

Almost anyone can send an SMS message, and most people keep their phone with them at all times.

Good for lead generation

SMS messaging is an excellent tool for generating leads with micro-donations. Unlike other low-barrier payment methods, SMS message donations provide you with the donor's contact information

Easy to pitch offline

Experience the simplicity and efficiency of collecting donations or setting up recurring payments via SMS message. SMS messages are easy to pitch and accept, whether through verbal communication, visual media, or online channels.

SMS with OnlineFundraising

Our stable, high-load text message solution is specifically designed for collecting donations. To receive text message donations, you’ll need a 4-digit number.

With OnlineFundraising, you can receive donations at no cost (besides 4T’s) through the numbers 1217, 1416 or 1962.

When you use OnlineFundraising, you can count on:

Cheaper SMS donations

We don't charge any transaction fees for any donations.

Keep your payment details in one place

With OnlineFundraising, you can easily accept donations and memberships through SMS. The data is seamlessly merged with your other payments and, if you use a CRM integration, is directly transferred to your CRM.

Ability to send SMS messages to members and donors

OnlineFundraising gives you access to fast and stable SMS messaging.

A suitable solution for TV shows

You can use OnlineFundraising's SMS message solution to organise a TV show.

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Make it easy for your donors to give. OnlineFundraising allows you and your partners to accept payments on all your fundraising channels.

Through SMS message

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