Increase donations through telemarketing

Do you make agreements over the phone that need to be easily and quickly corrected? Then let's make it easy for you. With OnlineFundraising, it only takes a few clicks to get a good overview, and change payment agreements when the phoner has the donor on the phone. Create reassurance for your donors and leave room for dialogue in your telemarketing – that's what you want to focus on.

Better dialogue and more donations

Get a solid partnership with your telemarketing agency

Are you using an agency for telemarketing? Then you know that initiation, ongoing dialogue, and settlement with agencies is important to have in place. With our Onboarding app the process is easy and uncomplicated. We give your call centers, and you as a project manager an efficient overview – meaning, the onboarding system embraces all parties.

Give your donors the opportunity to pay as they wish

With OnlineFundraising your donors are able to pay with the payment method they prefer.

Make your service for memberships simple

It is easy to increase the amount, change the frequency, or switch the payment method for existing agreements while you have the donor on the line.

How to get started

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Whether you do telemarketing in-house, or are working with an agency, it is easy to get started using OnlineFundraising for telemarketing.

Agencies like TMPO, The Call Company, All Ears, Charity Guard, Storm Group and Kobborg Consult are ready to use our telemarketing app, Onboarding.

If you are using another agency, or are an agency that wants to use the functionality of Onboarding? Then contact us here.

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Meet your donors wherever they are. With OnlineFundraising, you and your partners can accept payments on all fundraising channels.

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