Want to recruit more members on the street? Or are you preparing for a national campaign? Either way, we can help make the process as smooth as possible for all parties involved. Get easy donation options and effective communication tools to ensure a seamless experience for donors, members, and partners.

Get more members on the street

Improve flexibility in your agency cooperation

Experience enhanced onboarding, streamlined communication, and simplified accounting with OnlineFundraising.

Give your donors the freedom to pay as they wish

With OnlineFundraising your donors are able to pay in the way they prefer.

Skip the personal data

Donors may not want to share personal information in a public place. Our process allows them to make a donation on the street without providing any personal information, ensuring their privacy is protected.

Get started

OnlineFundraising can be used, when your organisation handles face2face, in-house, or in collaboration with an agency.  

Agencies like Storm Group are ready to use our Onboarding app, which enables Onlinefundraising for street canvassing. 

If you’re an agency or working with another agency that wants to take advantage of the Onboarding app, please get in touch. 

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Make it easy for your donors to give. OnlineFundraising allows you and your partners to accept payments on all your fundraising channels.

On the street

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