With OnlineFundraising, you can easily and efficiently accept single payments through a variety of payment methods. Our user-friendly platform makes it simple for your organisation to set up and process donations and payments.

Single payments with OnlineFundraising

Simplify and automate your payment process with OnlineFundraising, supporting multiple payment methods and gateways for easy and efficient single payments.
Effortlessly set up single payments

With OnlineFundraising, setting up single payments on your website, through telemarketing, or face to face is easy. You can also import existing payments to streamline the process.

Streamline your payments process with automation

OnlineFundraising’s Payment Engine allows you to automate the payment process with ease. It is also possible to integrate with your CRM, Dialer, or financial system to get the most out of your payment data

Easily resolve failed payments with our detailed information

In the event of a failed payment, OnlineFundraising provides detailed information to help you contact the donor and take appropriate action.

Accept payments from more donors with our multiple payment gateway integration

OnlineFundraising supports a wide range of markets and territories, and integration with multiple payment gateways allows us to offer low transaction costs for our clients.

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Make it easy for your donors to give! OnlineFundraising allows you and your partners to accept payments on all your fundraising channels.

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