Your donation form is a crucial part of your fundraising. With OnlineFundraising you can build user-friend and mobile-optimised forms that are ready to go on your website. Plus the allow your donors to pay as they wish.

Make it easy to donate on your website

Allow your donors to donate on the go

Our forms are mobile-optimised. You can adjust the amount of information on the forms depending on whether your donors are visiting your website from a computer or a mobile device.

Let your donors pay how they wish to

With OnlineFundraising your donors can pay in any way they prefer.

Get a donation platform on your website

Keep your donors on your website. It saves clicks and builds credibility – as opposed to being directed to a foreign domain. You can design the forms so they are aligned with your organisation and website.

Give your donors the security they deserve

Our forms are secure and support the requirements of two-factor authentication. Keeping your donor's information safe ensure that your donors feel more secure about their decision to give as well as creating a better giver experience.

Design your own payment forms

You get to decide what your forms should look like and what they should contain. With our form builder you have these functions available:

How can we help you?

Do you want it to be easy to receive single and recurring payments on all your recruitment channels? Send us an email – and we will be in touch for a chat to find out more about the needs of your organisation.

Connect all data to your CRM and accounting system

Your CRM and accounting system can easily integrate with OnlineFundraising, allowing all your data to automatically appear where you have full overview of your donors and members.

Use ready-made integrations or build your own.

Read more about options for integration

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Meet your donors where they are, With OnlineFundraising you and your partners can accept payments on all your fundraising channels.

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